15 Secrets Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Hiding Away From The World

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4. Why is Meghan being dodgy about her past?

From deleting old Instagram posts about her parents to claiming that she doesn’t know her half-siblings, Meghan has been suspiciously secretive about her family. It is understood widely that she is only close to her mother Doria and does not want to have any ties with any member of her distant family. In fact Meghan’s half-brother is not even sure if he’s going to get invited to the Royal wedding.

5. Is Meghan using her PR team to plant rumours?

Reports emerged recently that Meghan is using her PR team to spread rumours and press releases about her Hollywood career and her relationship with Harry. In fact there were some rumours reportedly started by her PR team which claimed that Meghan is in running to be the next Bond girl. Eventually reports emerged that that’s absolutely not true.

6. Is Meghan just another opportunistic Royal?

Meghan’s friends and sources from the industries have claimed that after the success if Suits, Meghan became terribly entitled and selfish. She wouldn’t want to hang out with her old friends and was quite obsessive about making it big in Hollywood. And now that she has ditched get entire career just for a Royal title, it makes for an even more suspicious case. Not only does it make her look like a fame-seeker but not many women would let go of their hard-earned career for a different life.

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