15 Reasons Why Beyonce’s Life is Not At All Perfect

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Beyonce is almost always in the headlines, and more often than not she makes news for her fabulous lifestyle. But last year saw something different, as her marriage with Jay-Z was rocked by a cheating scandal. Her husband admitted to cheating on her, she gave birth to twins, her sister Solange and Jay-Z are not on good terms and her parents have their own issues.

But Beyonce still remains a powerhouse and a global superstar. But no matter how conveniently she tries to tell her fans that her life is as fabulous as always, her career and personal life have been through a lot. And the facade is starting to crack. Not only is she insecure, but obviously has a lot on her platter right now. Here’s why Beyoncé’s life is not at all as perfect as it looks.

1. Is she still relevant?

Come 2018, Beyoncé’s biggest trouble is finding a connection with the youth. Sure, she is a multiple Grammy winner and superstar and has a superhit career, but she is just not relatable anymore. It’s not enough to just be talented and flaunt your fabulous lifestyle now. To find connect, one must find an audience base. At 36, Beyonce is too old for an image makeover and too commercial for the Soundcloud generation who are relentlessly looking for original voices.

2. The millennials aren’t looking

Beyoncé stands as the powerful icon of music and is a stellar performer, but her reach has considerably reduced over the years. She obviously takes herself way too seriously, and despite making millions, she is not a relevant millennial model anymore. She doesn’t have the connect which Kehlani or Kendrick Lamar seems to enjoy.

3. Her erratic family

Beyoncé’s father has often made news for his needy and attention-seeking ways, and her relationship with her sister has always been doubtful. Beyoncé loves her sister Solange, and yet who can forget that (in)famous elevator fight in which Solange lunged at Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z.

4. The admission

Beyoncé never directly addressed the fight between her sister and her husband but made it obvious with her lyrics. “Of course sometimes s**t go down, when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator,” clearly spoke about how she felt about the Solange vs Jay-Z feud.

5. The scandal which was crazy

The cheating scandal put an end to the myth of Beyonce’s fabulous life. There had been rumors about how she and Jay-Z are having problems, but when it was revealed that Jay-Z indeed cheated on her, Beyonce’s fans were thrown in a tizzy, as they could not believe it.

6. Beyonce’s admissions

Beyonce made her album Lemonade, where she clearly spoke out about her relationships and her marriage. She revealed that Jay-Z did indeed have affair, possibly with more than one woman. But the only thing fans were interested in, is whether she would forgive her disloyal husband.

7. Who’s Rachel Roy?

After people found out that ‘Becky with good hair,’ whom Beyonce refers to in her song might be designer Rachel Roy, they were more convinced that it was indeed possible. Rachel and Jay-Z have been involved in a business relationship and shared an obvious connect, and several reports suggested that Rachel was indeed Jay-Z’s mistress for a while.

8. She forgave him at last

People believe that Beyonce alienated some of her fan base by forgiving Jay-Z after this terrible disloyalty. Beyonce stands as the symbol of the fierce modern woman, and that is what most her music has been about. Taking Jay-Z back after the cheating scandal went public might have been a mistake.

9. The post-cheating music

Not only did Beyonce and Jay-Z kiss and made up, but made a million-dollar fetching album about the scandal. And many believe that hanging up family secrets in public and making money off it was a tacky move on their part. Jay-Z’s album 4:44 might have been trailblazing for many reasons, but has been said to be strategically timed, to benefit off his personal controversy.

10. Way too insecure

Multiple sources claim that Beyonce has always been insecure about her marriage to Jay-Z, but after the scandal went public, she has no sense of boundaries. In fact, she won’t allow her husband to hang out with another woman.

11. This is weird

The suspicions of fans were confirmed when comedian Tiffany Haddish revealed that Beyonce keeps a tight leash on Jay-Z, and wouldn’t let him talk to women. Tiffany said that at a party, an actress was seen touching Jay-Z on his chest and Beyonce immediately swooped in and ushered Jay-Z away.

12. How did Beyonce help Coachella?

Beyonce was the headliner at this year’s Coachella Music Festival, and many Coachella loyalists weren’t happy. Coachella is known for its bohemian, hipster vibe and has always leaned towards hard rock and indie names. Beyonce’s addition to the line-up didn’t make any sense.

13. Beyonce’s mother thinks so too

Beyonce’s mother Tina also admitted that Beyonce’s addition to Coachella might be a bit too unconventional. She admitted that she initially thought the predominantly white Coachella audience might not grasp the significance of her performance.

14. She took a tumble

Beyonce’s Coachella set did not go smoothly. Though her performance was praised, Beyonce along with her sister Solange fell down during one of the performances. And though they recovered eventually, the tumble did not go unnoticed.

15. Going on tour

It was recently revealed that Beyonce and Jay-Z are going on tour and fans were quick to point out how their relationship wasn’t as iconic as before, courtesy the much-publicised cheating scandal. In fact, irrespective of how honestly they handled it, their brand value took a serious hit.

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