15 Jaw-Dropping Celebrities Who Totally Longbottomed

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Kelly came of age on one of MTV’s most popular reality shows, The Osbournes. She and her brother, Jack, both experienced those awkward teen years in front of millions of viewers every week. (So, next time you’re complaining about that zit you had at homecoming, imagine if you’d gotten it with a million people staring at you.)

She started losing weight and finding her own style around 2009. After a stint on Dancing with the Stars, which she credits with jump-starting her healthy lifestyle journey, Kelly has lost about 70 pounds and gone through a whole slew of awesome haircuts. Now, Kelly spends her time covering style on red carpets and just released a memoir that covers her journey from reality teen to lavender Longbottomer.


Back when you used to run home from school and turn on Nickelodeon, Josh Peck was a cuddly comic actor with his own TV show. He was known for his loud exclamations and gift for delivering sarcastic lines (mostly to his stepbrother) on Drake & Josh.

After the show wrapped, Drake had a budding singing career but Josh disappeared. Little did we know that he was Longbottoming in the shadows. He emerged a little while later looking a lot thinner and a lot more confident. Every lady will tell you that a nice body is great, but confidence is what makes a guy sexy. Add in that five o’clock shadow he has going on and it’s safe to say that Josh Peck is really hot now. We’d definitely swipe right.


Back when you were a kid, you had two options for TV action heroines: Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and Alexa Vega (this is obvious before she got married and changed her name) in Spy Kids. Only one of them made you feel like you could join a spy network immediately or cause you to question if your parents could be living a secret double life.

If Alexa had an awkward stage, we definitely never saw it. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t Longbottom because she totally did. After a few years of playing behind the scenes, she decided to step back into the spotlight in full glam. Now she’s #HairGoals, #BodyGoals, #ConfidenceGoals, #FitnessGoals and basically just #AllGoals. Since she just had a baby a few months ago and already has her six-pack abs back, we’d also say she’s #MomGoals.

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