15 Jaw-Dropping Celebrities Who Totally Longbottomed

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Longbottoming is when a celebrity makes a transformation from an awkward duckling into a sexy swan. They go from Disney dorks to scrawny silver screen

You know that former child star who disappeared for a decade and then returned to the spotlight as a very attractive adult? That person Longbottomed. Longbottoming is when a celebrity makes a transformation from an awkward duckling into a sexy swan. It’s a tale played over and over again in pop culture, but no one’s getting tired of seeing the results. They go from Disney dorks to scrawny silver screen kids to bonafide dreamboats overnight, and we couldn’t be happier that they chose to grow up right before our eyes. Here are 15 celebrities who went from “meh” to “wow” in just a few years.


Matthew Lewis is the original Longbottomer. After years of playing the meek-yet-lovable Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, we thought we knew Lewis pretty well. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they found out he’d transitioned to a level of serious hotness.

It turns out, he never really looked like his character. Lewis said he had to put on a suit to make him appear heftier, false teeth and even plastic behind his ears to make them stick out. While he never got to totally let his sexy flag fly, they did stop making him wear all of those extras by the final film. Making Lewis seem like he was still an awkward teen was probably for the best. Who’d pay attention to Harry with a guy looking like this around?


Anyone old enough to remember Jerry Maguire or Stuart Little definitely knows who Jonathan Lipnicki is. The quirky kid with the magnetic smile and spiky hair made his rounds in the movies back in the late ‘90s

Then, he stormed back on the scene a couple of years later—with abs. The world responded with a mix of shock and unabashed ogling. Apparently, he struggled with anxiety and had panic attacks as a teen. As a way to cope, he started training in mixed martial arts. It helped him deal with his mental health and gave him a great body. We’d call that a win-win situation. He’s still making movies, so you may catch Jonathan (and his abs) on the big screen every now and again.


Remember that awkward and adorable kid from About a Boy? The one who somehow turns Hugh Grant’s sad playboy existence into a life that’s actually worth living and caring about? You may be surprised to learn that kid was your imaginary English boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas actually had a two-phase Longbottom. Five years after his turn as the offbeat kid in About a Boy, he landed a role in the hit teen drama Skins. Since his character was a bit of a player, you can imagine that he’d already started to find his hotness. Once he started getting roles in U.S. action movies, he hit his second phase, which “experts” say he’s still in today. Now, he’s definitely got a firm grasp on the sexy. Anyone who can go from an adorable child star to a man who can somehow make an X-man known as “Beast” seem attractive has definitely Longbottomed.

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