15 Impressive Ways to Reduce Light Pollution

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2. Use of covered bulbs that light facing downwards. For street lights – streets and highways lighting must be properly designed such that too much light is not reflected into the sky. The solution for this is designing covered bulbs that light facing downwards and for this reason, it would help reduce the brightening of the skies as it eliminates the light that reflects into the sky.

3. Minimizing the use of lights. Switching off unnecessary lights can hugely help in reducing light pollution. This is the cheapest, easiest and most effective method of dealing with the problem. It can be achieved by turning off lights when about to sleep or whenever there is no activity going on outside is the house. If the concern is security, then lights should only be put on if there is a security alarm.

4. The use of automatic systems to turn off street light at certain times. In the daytime, there is no need for street lighting. Also, when the moon shines bright, there is no need for street lighting. Automated timers and systems can be used to turn off street and highway lights when they are not needed to encourage natural lighting. They can be pre-set to turn off automatically whenever the environment is naturally bright.

5. Have all information and facts about light pollution. Having the knowledge about the sources and effects of light pollution can significantly aid in dealing with the problem. The overriding recommendation is extensive awareness creation as most people don’t even know about light pollution. It is therefore the moral duty of those aware of the situation to spread the word about light pollution and its remedies just as this article does. If you happen to read this, you can share with as many people as possible in order for more people to be aware of light pollution.

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