15 Impressive Ways to Reduce Light Pollution

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Since the invention of the light bulb and advancements in the technology, streets, highways and major urban centers are lit and brightened by very powerful light sources. Artificial lighting causes problems in the name of light pollution mainly with regards to the alteration of natural lighting in the outdoor environment during the night. Light pollution is thus linked to the disruption of the natural habitat and negative impacts on human health. It also interferes with the aesthetic beauty of the environment.

Fireflies, for instance, have gradually reduced in number and in some places they have completely disappeared because of bright artificial lighting at night. Birds migrating at night among other nocturnal animals have also lost their course after being misdirected by bright skies or light towers. The consequences are turning out to be bad and predictions are that it can be even worse in the future. Hence, initiatives have to be taken to address these concerns and the following can qualify as 15 impressive ways to reduce light pollution.

1. Reduce the use decorative lighting. Festivities and celebration periods often leads to the excessive use of decorative lighting kept on all day and night. The use of decorative lighting during festive seasons should thus be lessened to reduce the brightening of the skies. As an alternative, environmentally friendly candles should be used for the celebration periods. Furthermore, it will also help in conserving energy.

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