15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Lived Tragic Lives Inpsite of a Great Career

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12. Nicole Kidman felt like she was stuck in a cult

Nicole Kidman admits that when she was married to Tom Cruise she felt as if she was trapped in a cult and it had much to do with his religion being the church of scientology. Kidman herself went on to start an organization to help women like her. Her present husband Keith Urban knows that the scars are still very much left on her.

11. Kelsey Grammar was plagued by family deaths

Kelsey Grammer is one of the unluckiest among celebrities with tragic lives had a very tragic life. After his parents divorced when he was two, he was sent to live with his grandparents. His grandfather passed away when he was 11. His father was murdered 2 years later in 1968 and seven years later his younger sister Karen was raped and murdered. That wasn’t all, Kelsey’s half brothers died in a scuba diving accident five years later. His best friend David Angell and his wife didn’t make it on the tragic day of 9/11 and if that wasn’t enough his wife murdered his best friend.

10. Roy Orbison also experienced family tragedy

Orbison’s first wife died in a motorcycle accident in 1966 after which he went into depression. Five years later he had bypass surgery. Two years later just when he was getting his life together, his two of his three sons died when his house burned down. He went on to have a triple bypass coronary and expired in 1988. Elvis Presley called him the greatest singer in the world.

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