15 Celebs Who Don’t Like Beyonce

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You’d think that being a celebrity and publicly expressing your dislike for somebody as popular as Beyoncé would be totally terrible for your image. But even so, there are a whole bunch of celebrities who have not only suggested that they don’t like Queen B, but they’ve also gone so far as to diss her! While we’re over here wondering what it is about the superstar that anybody could possibly have a problem with, it seems there are a number of reasons the following 15 people aren’t feeling B as much as she is feeling herself. Some have had problems with some of her performances in the past, some just don’t get along with her husband and extend that bad blood to her, and some are actually interested in her husband, making it a bit of a jealousy thing! Here are 15 people who for one reason or another can’t stand Beyoncé.

15. Donald Trump

It’s hard to believe that Trump could become any less popular with the general public, but if it becomes common knowledge that he dissed the queen of the BeyHive, then he just might! Beyoncé lost Trump at the 2013 Super Bowl after she performed a crazy set and literally sent the place out of power. We personally think the performance was epic and can’t relate to Trump’s complaints at all, but he reportedly said that the performance was “suggestive” and “scandalous.” Um, maybe he’d be less offended if he time-traveled back to the 18th century and listened to Mozart instead? Trump also suggested that he couldn’t believe he was the only one with his knickers in a twist and that more people should be complaining about the performance. He also stated it would have been referred to as a “national scandal” if he’d been caught dancing like B. This is true.

14. Lil Wayne

If you look at Lil Wayne’s history with Jay-Z, B’s husband, and then listen carefully to some of his lyrics, it’s easy to see how he really feels! The rappers have thrown insults back and forth through their songs over the years, but Wayne took aim at B in his song ‘It’s Good’. He raps on the track, “Kidnap your b*tch, get that how much you love your lady money.” This might sound like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, but when you put all the pieces together, it certainly seems as if Wayne is talking about kidnapping Mrs. Carter and so forcing Jay to pay ransom money to get her back. To be fair, this is more of a Jay diss than a B diss, but Wayne is basically saying that as a person, Beyonce means so little to him that she’s an object to be kidnapped. Wow, talk about being extreme and intense!

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