15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Teen Parents

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It’s no secret that children probably shouldn’t be having children, but it happens.

Parenthood is a challenge for just about everyone that embarks on it, but teen parents really have their work cut out for them. It’s no secret that children probably shouldn’t be having children, but it happens. Once upon a time, it was the societal norm. We were supposed to be procreating by the time we entered those teenage years, and if we weren’t, something must be wrong with us.

Most of the time, we don’t hear positive stories about teen parents. They’re the face on the billboard advertising for birth control at the local health department. They’re the girl with butterfly clips still in her hair sitting in the obstetrician’s waiting room with her mother. They’re the guy who got his high school sweetheart knocked up a decade before he was anywhere close to father material.

We don’t paint pretty pictures of teen parents. Instead, we immortalize them as stories made for Lifetime movies and set them up for failure with poor expectations. Despite the flawed image we perpetuate about younger-than-average parents, not all of them are bad apples. We could say there are some of them out there who are merely diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered and polished up.

Believe it or not, some of our favorite celebrity superstars were teen parents themselves. While their stardom doesn’t exempt them from making poor choices and perhaps failing to shine all the time behind closed doors, these celebs are 15 examples of how teen parents have risen above the status quo and become more than anyone ever expected of them.

15. LIL WAYNE, 16

The rapper has earned his stripes in the music business by joining the Cash Money Records label when he was just 9-years old. He was the youngest member of the label to date. When he was 12-years old, he would shoot himself in the chest with his stepfather’s gun — a tragedy that left him on life support for two weeks.

The drama doesn’t stop there. When he was just 16-years old, Lil Wayne — otherwise known as Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr or, Dad — became a father. The rap mogul and his then-girlfriend, high school sweetheart Antonia “Toya” Jackson brought little Reginae Carter into the world. It would take five years before the young couple would say I do, and just two years later until they said I don’t.

It is clear that teenage parenthood didn’t hold Lil Wayne back from reaching his career goals. Still, his family unit is somewhat less-than-desirable. The rap start has three other children by different women. Little Reginae? Today, she’s 18-years old and a member of the music group OMG, produced by Young Money — her father’s music label.

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