15 Celebrities Who Delivered Children Through Surrogacy Just to Keep Their Figures

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11. Nicole Kidman, not a fan of being pregnant

Among celebrities who used surrogates, Nicole Kidman never really liked the idea of being pregnant after delivering her first daughter in 2008. The actress and her husband Keith Urban decided to deliver their second daughter Faith through surrogacy which they kept a secret. Kidman never gave any reasons for doing so.

10. Dylan Lauren was too busy to carry a child?

Dylan Lauren the owner of Dylan’s Candy bar and daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren was married to Husband Paul Arrouet when she opted for a surrogate who delivered her twin son cooper and daughter Kingsley in 2015. Lauren had no apparent reason for doing so although she admitted she did cry during the delivery as it was an overwhelming experience.

9. Jordana Brewster had problems conceiving at a young age

Jordana Brewster the Fast and Furious star had two children through surrogacy with husband Andrew Form. The actress said that she did so because she had no choice because of her struggle to get pregnant but even IVF did not help her.

8. Camille Grammer could not conceive because of severe irritable bowel syndrome

Camille Grammer wife of Kelsey Grammer suffered from severe IBS and as a result conceiving was a problem for her. It could have also harmed the baby. The couple had both their children daughter Mason Olivia and Son Jude Gordon via surrogacy. Several people felt that the only reason she did so was to maintain her figure.

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