15 Breathtaking Reasons to Switch to Reusable Bags

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4. Degradation

If a plastic bag sits in a landfill, it will take around 1,000 years to properly degrade. Yes, ONE THOUSAND years. They continue to break down into small toxic parts, which is bad for the environment.

5. Excess

Everywhere you go, you will see plastic bags. Sometimes they are lying on the street, or slipping out of garbage cans. They are a great symbol of our rapidly increasing consumerism.

6. Environmental Impact

If you believe in global warming or climate change, you are actively contributing to this phenomenon each time you use a plastic bag. In fact, paper bags are even worse for the environment because you are cutting down trees to make them, and using resources to recycle them.

7. Petroleum

It takes the same amount of petroleum to drive one kilometer in your car, as it takes to make seven plastic bags. This is another example of unnecessary waste, because reusable bags are just as effective as plastic ones, if not more.

8. Landfills

We already talked about the problems with plastic bag decomposition, but think about how much space they take in landfills. Many cities and countries already have issues with landfill space, with plastic bags only adding to the problem.

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