15 Breathtaking Reasons to Switch to Reusable Bags

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Using less resources and producing less waste is not only something for big corporations and factories to worry about. Each of us can make a huge difference in how we impact the environment around us. We can continue to use excessively and create billions of pounds of waste each year, or we can make changes to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Plastic bags are not easily decomposed and contribute towards the degradation of the environment. A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on environment. Moreover, cost to recycle plastic bags outweighs their value. This is another reason why most of the plastic bags find their way to landfill sites. This results in huge pile of garbage that can be seen across the city releasing foul smell throughout the day and serving as distraction for the tourists.

Its high time for us to use alternative sources so as to reduce the impact of plastic bagson the environment. One such change is to ditch plastic bags altogether and use reusable bags.

1. Costs

While some stores still offer free plastic bags, most now charge around five cents per bag in the United States and Canada. Other countries, such as Ireland, now have a 15 cent charge per bag. A few dollars for reusable bags that last for years, or 25 to 50 dollars for plastic bags each year? You do the math!

2. Production

A lot of oil and natural gas go into the production of plastic bags, which are not recyclable. Choosing reusable bags saves on these non-renewable resources and protects the environment.

3. Recycling and Garbage Costs

Even if you use paper bags, it costs money to recycle them. Similarly, plastic bags have to be taken into landfills and processed each year.

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