15 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Battling (Or Battled) Cancer

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portraying a cancer patient on screen may look easy but in real life, it shatters you and your family.

Recently, actress Sonali Bendre was detected with cancer and everybody was in shock. The battle with cancer has never been easy, it does not only leave you weak physically but also psychologically.

Our beloved Bollywood stars have had a tough time-fighting cancer, but they never gave up.

Take a look at these 15 Bollywood celebrities and their journey of battling cancer.

Irrfan Khan

His fans were shocked when actor Irrfan Khan shared the news on social media of being diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. He is still undergoing his treatment in London.

Irrfan Khan in an interview with the Times of India shared how his state of mind was when he was in the hospital. He said “As I was entering the hospital, drained, exhausted, listless, I hardly realised my hospital was on the opposite side of Lord’s, the stadium. The Mecca of my childhood dream. Amidst the pain, I saw a poster of a smiling Vivian Richards. Nothing happened, as if that world didn’t ever belong to me. I was left with this immense effect of the enormous power and intelligence of the cosmos. The peculiarity of MY hospital’s location – it HIT me. The only thing certain was the uncertainty. All I could do was to realise my strength and play my game better”

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