14 Of The Absolute Worst Celeb Eyebrows Ever

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Raise your hand if you never thought in your life that you would care nearly as much about your eyebrows as you do now. The Instagram age has truly made it impossible not to be self- conscious of your appearance every second of the day. As if Hollywood wasn’t enough to make us fanatic about our looks and keeping up appearances, the social media world has completely made us all superficial since its popularity grew to the point of no return from 2010 onward.

As they say, eyebrows frame the face. Now that the trend of having excellent eyebrows has taken the world by storm, it seems to be one of the features we zero in on people, especially celebrities. After all, celebs are supposed to be tip-top, blemish free and camera ready at all times right? Plus unlike the rest of us that actually have to pay out of pocket for things like food and clothes, they are afforded the luxury of having a team of personal stylists, image consultants and makeup artists that are paid to make sure their uber-famous clients are absolute perfection.

So how in the world did these celebs end up with such horrible looking eyebrows? From casual paparazzi snapshots to the red carpet, these celebs unfortunately must live with the shame of walking in public with terrible (and embarrassing) eyebrows. Most of which were horribly over plucked. To the point that it should be a crime.

14. Olivia Wilde

We all know that eyebrows were stylishly thin in the early 2000s as well. Hollywood loved this trend. If you look at this picture of Olivia Wilde, her brows look terribly overarched. Why are they so overarched? They look almost like… triangles … or like the mountains peak. And whoever tried to fill them in did not fill the in all the way, because the bottom portion is clearly fuller than the top for some odd reason.

I’m not sure who‘s responsible for these poorly groomed brows, but it’s a shame that the beautiful actress had to take pictures with them looking this way. It is a shame that whenever we watch episodes of the O.C. we will have to look at her poor, innocent eyebrows. I assume a more more makeup, less natural look was goal, however the least that can be done is a proper grooming and shaping of the brows. We hope she later fired her brow person.

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