14 Handy Hints for Painting

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Paper Towel Holder Tape Storage

Rather than take up space in a drawer or cabinet for storing rolls of tape, mount an old paper towel dispenser to your wall or pegboard. It can hold several rolls of duct tape, painter’s tape, etc., within easy reach. And unlike stashing tape in a dark cabinet or cramped drawer, the paper towel holder makes it really easy to find the specific tape needed for different jobs. A dowel-style paper towel holder designed to sit on top of a countertop would also work for corralling rolls of tape. And it’s portable, so you could take it with you for painting and repair jobs around your house.


Wet Paintbrush Storage

Here’s another way to keep your paintbrush fresh while you take a break in the middle of painting. Snip the corner of a zippered plastic bag. Then slide your paintbrush inside the bag, handle first, and zip it closed. The paintbrush won’t dry out, and the mess will stay inside the bag.

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