14 Awesome Eco friendly Products That You Can Gift Someone

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Amazing and surprising gifts don’t have to be expensive and besides, they need to have a great reputation with some particular unique characteristic. If you are an environmentalist or happen to be the kind of person who cares so much about the environment, you can lower your environment impact by gifting people with eco-friendly products.

Also to be part of the mission of advancing towards sustainable environmental solutions, gifting someone with an eco-friendly product is highly valuable. As a matter of fact, you may find that they love the green gifts even more. Furthermore, you’ll not only be saving the planet but also saving some extra coins for your pocket. If you want to participate in rewarding the planet, here are some impressive options for you. Lets have a look at 11+ awesome eco-friendly products that you can gift someone.

1. Soap nuts

Soap nuts are recent discoveries that serve a better purpose than the commercial laundry detergents which are highly unkind to the environment. When purposing to serve someone with an eco-friendly gift, soap nuts can be a great option as they are 100% biodegradable and work magic when used in cleaning clothes.

Soap nuts as their name suggests are manufactured from soapberry trees, which means they are 100% environmentally friendly. If you are out looking for a simple and affordable green gift, grab a packet of soap nuts to gift someone with a natural laundry care product.

2. Potted herbs

The majority of people will treasure receiving plants as a gift. However, when gifting someone with a plant you have to ensure they have somewhere to put it considering the kind of houses most people live in today, especially in urban areas. Potted herbs fits in this case particularly because they require little space and can be put in the house.

Potted herbs are also practical in so many ways since they don’t require maintenance. On top of their aesthetic value, the scented ones like rosemary, sage and basil can provide one’s house with natural fragrance. Come to think of it, potted herbs can be useful and beautiful eco-friendly gifts.

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