13+ Sustainable Living Choices That Make Every Day Earth Day

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2. Starting a garden

There is a lot of energy required to grow and ship food, particularly fresh produce which utilizes a lot of energy and increases carbon footprint. It is simple to counter such by deciding to also be a supplier. One can easily counter some of that by supplying or growing their own foods. Gardening aids in reducing the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is emitted during transportation.

A community garden is also an option if an individual is not in a position to start a personal garden. Furthermore, a garden will provide pollinators such as pollen wasps, bees, ants, flower beetles, and butterflies with plants for pollination which will help sustain the eco system and promote biodiversity.

3. Creating an energy efficient home

Making a home energy efficient is simple when one knows how to. Depending on the home, preference and budget, big system changes can be established that will change how energy is consumed or even develop better ways of improving the existing energy saving. There are a lot of options from weather-stripping the doors, stopping drafts, and replacing air filters.

Another option is using solar panels. They are getting more affordable and many people are using them to supply energy for their homes, living in a region that gets sufficient sun is the key. Moreover, updating the light bulbs by changing to more environment friendly and the energy saving ones will also help in conserving energy.

4. Supporting renewable energy

Even though renewable energy is really convenient, the climate gets harsh by the day. Small renewable start-ups are no match to the fossil fuel industry, which has been firmly implanted in the people’s day to day lives, and will not easily relinquish the market share it has in the energy sector.

In this sense, renewable energy corporations require individuals’ assistance in combating this. There are a number of ways in which people can support the transitioning to renewable energy. One of the ways of doing so is by installing solar systems in homes.

However, when this is made impossible due to affordability or lack of sun, another option is by purchasing stocks or investing in a corporation that is in support of green energy. So, spreading the word, using their products, informing other people, or switching to the use of renewable energy will go a long way in making make every day earth day.

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