13 Biggest Mistakes That Ruined the Careers of These Celebrities

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7. Tobey Maguire Shouldn’t Have Done “Spider-Man 3”

For starters, it was a bad movie. To make matters worse, there was a montage of him doing the “Evil Dance” which was ridiculous. He did land a role in “The Great Gatsby” but he didn’t give it his best. And then he also got divorced last year.

8. Tom Cruise Became a Spokesman for the Church of Scientology

After several failed marriages, Tom decided to find his religion and he chose Scientology, which would be completely fine if he hadn’t dragged his daughter with him too. That’s why Katie Holmes took Suri away with her.

9. No One Knows Why Kevin Costner Chose Bad Movies When He Had an Amazing Career

“Waterworld” was awful, but “3000 Miles to Graceland” was by far the worst one. His career went down and he retired. He does pop up from time to time, but not for important roles.

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