13 Biggest Mistakes That Ruined the Careers of These Celebrities

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4. The Embarrassment of John Travolta at the Oscars

He was supposed to introduce Idina Menzel at the 2014 Oscars, the only problem is he called her Adela Dazeem. It’s okay to mispronounce someone’s name but how do you manage to mess up that bad?

5. The Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

When she got together with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, everyone saw them as the perfect couple, so a lot of Twilight fans were extremely mad when the pictures of her with another guy shut the internet down.

6. Katherine Heigl Had an Ego Trip

She has a huge ego which took over her when getting an Emmy for her role in “Grey’s Anatomy.” She had the chance to make an amazing acting career but because of her ego trip, she flunked in her movie roles and also left “Grey’s.” She returned to the TV screens once again in “Doubt” but the ratings aren’t going well.

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