13 Biggest Mistakes That Ruined the Careers of These Celebrities

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We are all human and bound to make some mistakes but for us non-famous people it is much easier since our mistakes don’t appear on tv and social media for the world to see. Well, for some of us at least. Here are some major mistakes these 14 celebrities made.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt Started a Music Career

She had a good acting career so she decided to give music a shot. Her song “BareNaked” was 31st on the Top 40 list but that’s the most success she got in that field. She lost her shot at being a movie star and stayed on the small screens.

2. Brendan Fraser’s Ugly Public Divorce

The Mummy trilogy had just launched Brendan’s career but his wife and mother of three children wanted to divorce him. She asked for a yearly alimony of $900,000. It took a toll on his life and career and he pretty much had to take every role that was handed to him.

3. Marrying Tom Cruise Was Katie Holmes’ Biggest Mistake

Tom kind of lost his mind for a certain period of time and that was when Katie married him. She ignored the signs and stayed with him. He then bought a machine for ultrasounds when she got pregnant and when things got too crazy, she asked for a divorce. Being with him took a toll on her publicity and career.

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