12 Top Firangi Celebrities Who Caught Flaunting Sanskrit Tattoo On Their Skin

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Including celebrities, people from West are highly fascinated by Indian tradition and culture. Like we follow their style and trend they also keep their eyes on us. From our history to getting something inked in our language everything mesmerize them.

There are a number of celebrities from West who followed the body art trend that has been emerging over past few years. Today we are showing the same.

Scroll down to see the top 12 firangi celebrities who were caught flaunting Sanskrit on their skin:

1. Vanessa Hudgens

The tattoo of High School Musical star isn’t uncommon but the way she inked is quite creative. She got tattooed the word ‘Om’ half on her one pinky and another half on her other pinky and when she joins her pinkies, the Om word appears clearly.

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