12 Reclusive Celebs Who Stay Away From The Spotlight

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Paparazzi and constant media attention seem to be simply part of the package of being a celebrity. Stars are constantly captured on their way to the grocery store, to the gym, while sharing a casual meal with a friend, and many have expressed frustration with it. Sure, some stars adore the attention and will even phone up paparazzi so that they know to expect them and snap some awesome shots. However, many stars simply complain about the attention… while they make their home in Hollywood, the land of celebrities and paparazzi.

Once you make it onto the A-List in Hollywood, it’s basically a guarantee that the media will want to know everything they can about you, as any piece of juicy dirt can become tabloid gold. Some celebrities complain about all the media attention, and then make their homes in the Hollywood area, frequenting the same haunts that other celebrities frequent, constantly getting captured by the paparazzi. However, there are a few celebrities truly don’t seem to want any attention, and are content to just keep a low profile and do their jobs. Many make their homes outside of the Hollywood area, even outside of the United States altogether, and while they may show up on the red carpet, their personal lives are fairly elusive.

Here are 12 A-Listers who keep a low profile.

12. Matt Damon

Matt Damon has a ton of A-List friends, such as Ben Affleck, his pal from childhood, and George Clooney. However, he’s not the type to spend every night on the town with his famous friends, hopping from one L.A. hot spot to the next, trying to get as much paparazzi attention as possible. Despite being a huge name in the entertainment industry, Matt Damon is very, very rarely on the cover of tabloids, simply because he keeps a low profile. Part of that is courtesy of his wife of 10 years, Luciana, who is just a regular (albeit gorgeous) girl rather than an actress herself. He manages to stay out of the spotlight, and when he’s not on set for a new film role, primarily just spends his time with his family.

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