11 well-known handsome Filipino celebrities who are openly gay or bisexual

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Being a longtime conservative country, the Philippines is still undergoing the process of exploring the community that identifies themselves beyond the two dominant genders we are familiar with. Thanks to time and the courage of influential Filipino celebrities, whether in the local or international scene, people are slowly but surely beginning to accept our LGBT brothers and sisters.

It is definitely a heavier burden for well-known Filipino celebrities to come out as gay or bisexual. They become targets for negative and hate-filled criticisms but their status and renown also help closeted people to come out and be proud of who they are.

We list 11 famous Filipino celebrities who were not afraid to speak out about their sexuality and are still succeeding in their public career.

1. Paolo Ballesteros

He is perhaps one of the most famous local actors who has opened up about his true sexuality – having received praise for his talents both locally and internationally.

2. Sinon Loresca

The ‘King of the Catwalk’ is another Kapuso actor who was always proud of being a homosexual.

3. Boobay

The energetic and well-loved comedian shocked everyone when he posted a selfie that highlighted his handsome features.

4. Prince Stefan

The Hunky “StarStruck” alumnus is a happy man being in a relationship with Paolo Amores.

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