11 Ways to Create Energy Efficient Homes

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6~Consider Solar Panels

If you can afford it, solar panels may be a great investment. You can have them installed on your rooftop, and believe it or not they can actually help to cut down on your electricity costs because it helps you to be able to produce your own electricity. This really is something to consider, especially when you think about the fact that they are so cost effective. It isn’t for everyone, but as we get further into the green movement you will begin to see many more people that opt to have solar panels installed at their home.

7~Schedule Energy Efficiency Audit

Give a call to energy auditors to check as to where your home currently stand in terms of energy efficiency. These auditors are equipped with specialized tools and skills that can help them to evaluate energy efficiency of your home and determine where efficiency can be improved by recommending some low cost measures. This will help you to figure out as to which parts of your home needs your immediate attention.

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