11 Ways Coffee Can Perk Up More Than Just Your Productivity

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Coffee has a reputation for being a stimulant and attitude adjuster. It can add that pep in your step when you need to work, socialize, make a long drive, or just be ultra-productive. And, some people can be downright intolerable to in a zombie-like state if they don’t get their daily cup of morning Joe. However, coffee can be used for more than just physical and mental stimulation in your daily life. Here are 11 extra perks coffee can bring into your life

1. Fridge & Room Deodorizer

A lot of people actually store their coffee grounds in the fridge for its own freshness, but did you know that a cup of leftover coffee can absorb odors even better than baking soda. Place a cup in your fridge or any room you’d like it to absorb odors. Whole coffee beans can be placed in a bowl as a natural, chemical-free room deodorizer.

2. Skin Deodorizer

Maybe you’ve had a camping mishap and been sprayed by a skunk, or perhaps you’ve been dicing up onions and garlic. Whatever stinky, unwanted scent has attached itself to your skin, ground coffee can rid it. Wet your skin and rub throughly with the coffee grounds for two minutes or so. After rinsing, any unwanted odors will have disappeared.

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