11 Unexpected Ways You’re Hurting the Environment at Home

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Over the last decade, there has been a lot of awareness on the various activities that can and will aid humans to conserve the environment. The primary concern has been the deterioration of the environment with the major causal agents being the various forms of pollution and the over-exploitation of natural resources.

The destruction of the ozone layer, decreased water levels, and desertification, for example, are some of the consequential impacts of pollution and natural resource over-exploitation. Despite the awareness and the measures put in place to ensure promotion of the environment, there are unexpected ways that people hurt the environment at home. This article shows the most common 11 ways that people unknowingly hurt the environment.

1. Leaving the tap running

There are specific habits that lead to wastage of water that we might not be aware of at home. Many at times, there is a lot of water wastage during showering as the water is left running even when one is not really in need of using the water. More water wastage is experienced when washing fruits and vegetables where a lot of water is left to run whereas minimal water may have been used.

Also, a simple activity such as brushing teeth also leads to water wastage. Keeping the tap open as an individual brushes their teeth leads to a lot of water wastage. It may seem minimal at the time, but in the long run, the water that is wasted is of a significant amount. In order to conserve the environment, tap water should be used optimally whereby there should be effective usage of water for specific tasks without leading to wastages.

2. Leaving the lights on

Many are the times that due to a rush to complete an activity or to heed a call, rooms are left with the lights on. And it may seem okay since it will only be a matter of seconds and you will make it back. However, those few minutes lead to the consumption of a significant amount of energy which is irreplaceable.

To avoid this, no matter how short the time one is to leave a room, people should practice switching off the light till when they are in need of light. In addition to this, one can place reminder notes on the wall near the switch to remind those occupying the rooms to save on electricity by switching off the lights.

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