10 Tips For a More Sustainable Garden

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A more sustainable garden is a better garden and one that can benefit you in terms of your footprint on the earth and also the amount of money in your pocket. Sustainable gardening is growing food without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that include toxic chemicals which effect our soil and water. Sustainable gardening depends mostly on compost, diversity of plants and beneficial insects to supply the soil the much needed nutrients. These methods are more sustainable for health of humans, wildlife, soil and water supply. Here are ten tips for a better, greener garden that works in harmony with nature.

“Sustainable gardening includes the more specific sustainable landscapes, sustainable landscape design, sustainable landscaping, sustainable landscape architecture, resulting in sustainable sites. It comprises a disparate group of horticultural interests that can share the aims and objectives associated with the international post-1980s sustainable development and sustainability programs.”

Soil Testing

There are soil test kits on the market that are simple and easy-to-use which won’t break your budget. To get one, either head online or go to your local nursery. You’ll quickly find out if your soil has a high alkaline content or is too acidic. That way, you can add your fertilizer and compost to adjust your pH. Walmart plants flourish when the pH is balanced, some plan like blueberries do better when the soil is more acidic. Use fertilizers that are seaweed based in that case Get 100% organic manure. There’s the potential for crop damage if you purchase animal manure that has traces of hormones or antibiotics.

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