10 Things You Should Never Do In A Coffee Shop

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Whether you hit your favorite coffee shop at least once a day or you only treat yourself to a fancy caffeinated beverage once in a while, we all spend a good amount of time in coffee shops.

Heck, some of us even consider them a beacon of hope when we’re out in public and simply need a restroom. If that’s you, hopefully you’ll purchase at least a small beverage in return!

There are some things that you should absolutely never do in a coffee shop, and these 10 are at the very top of that list.

1. Order From A Secret Menu

There is no official secret menu that baristas at your favorite chains are required to learn. If you’re a regular, sure, your favorite coffee slingers may know your order, but you can’t go around ordering cotton candy thisand unicorn that.

Instead, ask for the specific recipe or pumps of flavor that you want to add to a drink that is already on the menu. It will save time and frustration.

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