10 Surprising Energy Wasting Items in Your Home

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2. Empty freezers

Having an extra freezer for parties or seasonal festivities can be a great help for storing extra food. However, if your freezer is not in use it can generate around 103 kWh per month, which adds up to approximately £15 a month. Defrost and unplug freezers when they are not in use to cut your energy costs.

3. Lit Up

Sitting Room Lamps

You may not be surprised to learn that lights in your home can be one of the biggest energy wasters. However, it may come as surprise that they can account for as much as 15% of your electricity bill each year. If you sleep with hall lights or lamps on at night, consider turning these off before going to bed. Alternatively, apply a timer so you only have lights on for the time they are required. 

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