10 Surprising Energy Wasting Items in Your Home

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There are several items in your home that are quietly draining electricity and running up costs that could be avoided. By making simple changes to energy consumption throughout your home, you may be able to reduce your energy bills.
Find below a list of 10 items that you might be surprised to find are wasting energy in your home.

1. On Standby

Appliance on Standby

You may be surprised to learn that appliances use energy even when they are turned off, but plugged in. You can reduce this energy wastage by physically unplugging any un-used devices from the power socket. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that an average household could spend up to £80 per year powering appliances in standby mode. One of the most surprising energy vampires could be your wireless router costing £21.92 per year on average whilst on standby. A laser printer on standby could cost over £18 and an iPad charger £12.18. 

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