10 of the Best Homemade Healthy Coffee Recipes

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Coffee nuts are constantly seeking out the best coffee, hunting down new cafés and trying new concoctions.

But when you really evaluate the matter, it’s clear that you can’t control what goes into your coffee drinks.

Instead, consider what you can do at home to create the perfect cup of java. You can ensure that your caffeine will come in healthier dosing while also pinching a few pennies on the cost of corporate coffee.

Luscious Latte (Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe)

Most people avoid making their own coffee at home because they think it’ll take a lot of work. Others fear they will never create a confectionery delight to rival their favorite café drinks. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to put together your own refreshing — and often healthier — version at home.

This cool, caffeinated latte requires only three ingredients, and you can adjust the calorie level (or even make it dairy free) by using skim milk or choosing almond or coconut milk. Avoid sugar and calories with a sugar-free vanilla syrup.

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