10 Awesome Everyday Items That You Can Easily Recycle

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6. Cars

If you want to sell your car quick, consider finding out car recycling prices from respectable online car buyers or local junk yard. You can get cash to turn your car in for parts recycling instead of simply letting it sit and deteriorate. If your car still runs, consider donating it to a local non-profit for a tax credit.

7. Eyeglasses

Check with local eye doctor’s offices or the Lion’s Club to see if they are interested in eyeglasses. The lenses are often reground, then given to people who need them. In other cases, glasses are donated to someone with a similar prescription. You can even donate reading and sunglasses – there is always someone who will take advantage of eyeglasses that are no longer needed.

8. Clothing

Any clothes that are wearable can be dropped off at a local shelter or Goodwill to be reused by another person. If you have wearable women’s business clothing, it can go to Dress for Success, an organization that gives the clothing to women in need searching for jobs. Unwearable clothing and towels are often welcome at animal shelters, where the old cloth is used for pet bedding.

You can also hold a clothes exchange if you have wearable clothes – this is the perfect way to switch up your wardrobe, save cash on back-to-school clothing or find a Halloween costume. Per the EPA, only 15 percent of textiles are recovered each year, and that’s a problem. Do your part to keep man made material – from clothes to rugs to blankets to couch cushions – out of the landfills.

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