10 Animals That Exactly Look Like Your Favorite Celebrities

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4. Donald Trump’s hairstyle and this caterpillar

Donald John Trump, the current President of the US, will go down as a pretty controversial figure in the history of American politics. Before Donald came to politics, he was a businessman and a TV personality.

It’s quite amusing as well as surprising to note that this caterpillar looks just like USA President Donald Trump’s hair.

Have a look and tell us what you think about it.

5. Vladimir Putin and this dog

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is considered to be one of the most powerful persons in the world and he seems to be a man of action and fewer words. His calm composure and sharp features make him look different from others but there is one living being who looks a lot like him.

OMG look how the dog’s eyes, nose and mouth bear striking resemblance to those of Vladamir Putin! Even Putin will be shocked to see this, won’t he?

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