10 Animals That Exactly Look Like Your Favorite Celebrities

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2. William H. Macy and the dog with same features

William Hall Macy Jr. is an American actor; he has worked in many small and independent movies and is also seen in a television series. People are comparing his photo with a dog’s photo as there is a striking resemblance between both. Those wide eyes and lips do match with each other and that’s why William H. Macy deserves to be in this list.

3. Miley Cyrus and the cute posing giraffe

Miley Ray Cyrus is an actress, singer and a songwriter and she has a huge fan following as once she was also a teen idol.

Here we can see that a giraffe is giving competition to Miley Cyrus with its twirling tongue. With the cute horns, it’s trying to look as hot as Miley and we just can’t get over their resemblance.

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